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How many valid species of fish are there ? - Example: All waters (Fresh, Brack and Salt)

How many valid marine species of fish are there ? - Example: Salt Water

How many species are in a particular genus ? - Example: Acanthurus.

How many valid species are in a particular family ? - Example: Gobiidae

How many species did a particular author describe and how many are currently valid ? - Example: J L B Smith

How many species were described over a particular period ? - Example: 1990 to 2010

How many species have been described ?

How can I generate a fish checklist for a particular place ? - Example: Australia

How can I display the taxonomic hierarchical ranking of a species ? - Example: Cephalopholis miniata

How can I find out the Scientific names of the Disney fish characters in "Finding Nemo" ?

I know the common name, how can I find the scientific name and view pictures ?

Why are less than 102 000 species displayed in the Species List ?

What is a good mnemonic for remembering the taxonomic rankings ?

How can I list Authors by the number of Species described

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