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Country  583
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Aldabra Atoll

Capital  Victoria
Region  Eastern Africa
GPS_ Latitude  -9.416667
GPS_ Longitude  46.41667
Google Map  -9.416667,46.416667
is Map Display  Y
is CheckList   N
is Interim Checklist   N
Continent  Africa
Geographic Area  Western Indian Ocean, NE of Madagascar
East West  E
FAO_ Name  Aldabra
ABB  ---
ISO_ Code 
Lat Deg  9
C_ Code  A583
Lat Min  24
North South  S
Long Deg  46
Long Min  22
Remark  ---
Marine Count  0
Marine Fam Count  0
Freshwater Count  0
Fresh Fam Count  0
Marine Count 2  0
Brackish Count  0
Custom List  C2
Latitude  9d 24m 0.00s
Longitude  46d 22m 0.00s
Latitude_ Dec  9.4
Longitude_ Dec  46.3666666666667
is Pic  N
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